Careers Coaching and Speaking (Primary School, Secondary School, University, Professionals and technocrats)
Destiny Achievement (Life Planning) Coaching and Speaking
Executive/Management Coaching and Speaking

    Training, Coaching and Speaking to Leaders and executives on the following John Maxwell leadership programs:-

    • Everyone Communicates Few Connect: An excellent program forming the basis of motivation and team building.
    • Put Your Dream to the Test: How to nurture your dream/ambition until fruition.
    • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Principles on how to grow and achieve your destiny.
    • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Corner stone Principles for Successful leadership.
    • Leadership Gold: Lessons for Effective Leadership and How to Apply them.
    • Becoming a Person of Influence.
    • How to be a Real Success.

    Also available under the John Maxwell programs are:-

    • Parenting and Family Training Programs
    • Youths Development Programs.


    [Short writeup on training services]

    Training services on the above and below programs.

    • Code of Conduct training
    • Workers Committee Training.
    • Productivity Improvement and Business Principles Training for Workers
    • Management of discipline.
    • Industrial Relations for Workers Committees, Trade Unions, Supervisors, Senior Supervisors, Middle Managers and Executives.
    • Basic Supervision Skills for Junior Supervisors
    • Management/Supervisory Skills Development Programs.
    • Team Building Sessions.
    • Coaching and counselling for individual managers and management teams.
    • Performance management
    • Conflict Management Skills.
    • Training needs analysis and development of on the job training programs tailored to company needs.


    • Formulation of HR strategy.
    • Formulation of HR policies, procedures and general management.
    • Performance Management
    • Human Resources and Succession Planning
    • HR Audits
    • Paterson Job evaluation with salary structuring.


    • Development of Codes of Conduct for a company, assistance with registration and ancillary services.
    • Retrenchment services, management and ancillary services.
    • Management of discipline, disciplinary hearings and procedures.
    • Dispute resolution services, Union and Workers Committee affairs.
    • Salary and wage negotiations at Works Council to industry-wide level (NEC).
    • Assistance in formulation of Collective Bargaining Agreements.
    • Representation on cases up to Labour Court level.

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